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Blue Orange Asia was awarded Best Creative Digital Marketing Agency Thailand in 2019 by Global Brands Magazine. We have been creating successful digital marketing campaigns for over 20 years. Our original ideas help make brands go viral and unknown brands go mainstream, generating millions of views, engagement and sales. We know how to position you 5 years ahead of the curve and 5 years ahead of your competition, establishing a brighter clearer footprint for your business in the digital space. We service online clients in Bangkok, Phuket, Thailand, Yangon Myanmar, Vientiane Laos, HCMC Vietnam, Singapore, United Kingdom and United State of America. A few of the digital market sectors we service include E-Commerce, Fashion and Apparel, Sports and Fitness, FMCG, Software, Smart Tech, Apps, Cryptocurrency, Video Games, Gaming, Hospitality, Financial Services, Luxury Property Developments.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy.

We help SME’s and big brands reach their audience more effectively by providing a digital marketing strategy that is personalised, engaging and highly targeted. We do digital differently by analysing insights from different digital touch points to develop a data-driven marketing strategy. We then help you answer key questions including 1: What are your Points of Difference? 2: Who are your competitors and how can you use digital marketing to get ahead of them? 3: Who is your target audience, what digital channels do they use and how do we connect with them? 4: What is the best digital media channel mix to ensure an effective result that aligns with your business objectives? 5: What content should you develop to attract and engage with your audience? 6: What KPI's should you be measuring to evaluate performance?

How to Stand Out in the Digital Space.

Insights and observations provide the catalyst for ideas to thrive. Original engaging ideas are at the heart of every successful digital marketing campaign that gets seen by millions as well as making millions for brands. Ideas that connect with your customer, ideas that sell your product again and again. And speaking of ideas, here's one for free. CONTACT BLUE ORANGE ASIA TODAY for a free consultation and we’ll show you how to stand out from the crowd and scale up your business fast. We'll map out a digital journey for you that will transform your brand and change the way you see your future forever. SIMPLE.

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021.

The evolving digital landscape is moving faster than ever, predominantly driven by new software and technology. As a result, consumer behaviour is changing. Consumers have easy access to new content and they can connect with brands through different digital platforms using immersive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), voice search, mobiles, search engines, chatbots and social media.

Digital Media Insights in Thailand.

With over 20 million facebook accounts, 14 million Instagram accounts and 28 million YouTube users, Thailand is one of the most active countries in the world for social media engagement. With over 2 billion combined users globally, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provide great opportunities to get your brand message optimized in front of your audience.

Google PPC Adwords has also grown rapidly in with over 600,000 campaigns in Thailand. Getting your brand seen at the top of Pay Per Click paid search advertising is an excellent way to increase website traffic and rapidly grow your business. Google GDN Network Display Advertising has also seen a quantum leap in activity both for direct response campaigns and brand awareness. Display banner advertising is a cheap effective method of exposing your brand to your target audience.