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Blue Orange Asia is an Integrated Branding and Marketing Consultants Company in Bangkok, Hong Kong and London and was founded in 2008 with a simple mission:   To produce Better Ideas and Better Results at Far Better Value for Money   With our passion, talent, and expertise for developing innovative intelligent ideas that simplify brand choice and connect with your customer to sell your product, we are one of the Best 'Think Different' Results Driven Creative  Branding and Marketing Consultants in Asia and Europe.


In 1972 Jack Trout and Al Ries wrote three seminal articles on brand positioning that were published in Advertising Age. Thirty-six years later the merits of their thinking holds steadfast. This is an excerpt of their article The Brand Positioning Era Cometh. Remember the Mind Is a Memory Bank To better understand what an advertiser is up against, it may be helpful to take a closer look at the objective of all advertising programs – the human mind. Like a memory bank, the mind has a slot or “position” for each bit of information it has chosen to retain. In operation, the mind is a lot like a computer. But there is one important difference. A computer has to accept what is put into it. The mind does not. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The mind, as a defense mechanism against the volume of today’s communications, screens and rejects much of the information offered it. In general, the mind accepts only that new information which matches its prior knowledge or experience. It filters out everything else. For example, when a viewer sees a television commercial that says, “NCR means computers,” he doesn’t accept it. IBM means computers. NCR means National Cash Register. The computer “position” in the minds of most people is filled by a company called the International Business Machines Corp. For a competitive computer manufacturer to obtain a favorable position in the prospect’s mind, he must somehow relate his company to IBM’s position. Yet, too many companies embark on marketing and advertising programs as if the competitor’s position did not exist. They advertise their products in a vacuum and are disappointed when their messages fail to get through. Seven Brands Are Mind’s Limit The mind, as a container for ideas, is totally unsuited to the job at hand.


The World Branding Awards is the premier awards of the World Branding Forum. The awards see some of the world’s best brands recognised for their work and achievements. Award ceremonies are scheduled to be held in London, Paris, New York and Shanghai. Award Categories: ‘The Global Award’ is presented to truly international brands that have a presence in ten or more countries, on three or more continents. These are truly global household names, and the award is limited to the top 100 global brands in any particular year. ‘The National Award’ is presented to the very top brands in each participating country at the awards. These are brands that are household names in their home country that have been judged to be truly exceptional.


A branding consultant is a communication expert which specializes in creating and launching brands as well as rebranding. Branding agencies create, plan and manage branding strategies, independent of their clients. Branding agencies may also handle advertising and other forms of promotion. A branding consultancy is not to same as marketing agency. Branding is the process of developing the company's brand; including the name, identity system and messaging platform. The brand message is then applied to marketing campaigns and collateral, which are intended to spread that brand message.

As with advertising agencies, typical branding agency clients come from all sectors including businesses and corporations, non-profit organisations and government agencies. Branding Consultants may be hired to produce a brand strategy or, more commonly, a brand identity, which can then be output via a branding campaign, which is a type of marketing campaign. Branding Consultants create branding materials that define who a company is to their customers, differentiate the company from competitors, and communicate the unique value the company provides. Branding Consultants also gets into understanding the philosophy and culture of the company and communicating it to the customers and more importantly the employees. For this each and every communication point, office space is to be utilised.


As the consumer landscape changes in Thailand and across Asia and consumer habits and the purchase decision making process evolves, it is imperative that brand owners understand where, when and how to spend their valuable and increasingly limited resources. Historically advertising agencies defined and controlled a brand’s message and through which channels it was broadcast. They would then blitz consumers with intrusive advertising and messages. The goal was to reach as large and as broad a target audience as possible on those platforms with the most extensive penetration. But in the social economy, consumers have little faith in such corporate driven messages broadcast across mass media channels to which they are paying less and less attention. Today consumers spend their time in a variety of social networks or in niche online communities with likeminded people. And it is to these people they look to when seeking information on products and services. So does this mean the end of advertising agencies and advertising? Definitely not, there is still a need for good advertising agencies that create good work but the process has changed and the advertising agency can no longer be given responsibility for building brands. In the past, branding and advertising used to be elements of marketing. Today, marketing and advertising are now part of branding and it is the brand consultant you should look to if you want to build a brand. So here is an outline of the difference between an advertising agency and a brand consultancy. Hopefully this will give you enough knowledge to make an informed decision on who should build your brand.

Branding is strategic and advertising is tactical. The most strategic actions you will get from an advertising agency will be a brief. The brief will define the proposition that the advertising must communicate and to which segments. But then what? How will you get personnel on brand? Does the delivery driver or sales assistant know what their role is in the delivery of the promise/s made? A brand consultant will develop a brand plan or brand blueprint that will drive the brand strategy, both internally and externally. This holistic approach will address all key elements of the brand from the copy used in recruitment advertising to customer facing departments and their ability to represent the brand to point of sale and retention strategies and more.


The concept for the year was Disney Princesses, featured 12 famous South East Asian celebrities who each portrayed one of 12 Disney film princesses, depicting a classic key scene from the movies.  All 12 stars were chosen from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The celebrities participate in a photo shoot dressed as a Disney character and are also filmed for behind-the-shoot interviews. As the photos and videos are shared through the stars social media, so was Disney Channel Asia’s ability to promote and advertise to various Asian countries in the lead up to the final calendar being printed and distributed in 2016 to media and PR channels across Asia.

The initial 5 day production included pre production, costume fitting, scene creation, digital photography and behind the scenes video production.  After the main production an additional 2 months of post production included stock imagery and original photo montage, retouching, CGI/CGA and final artwork creation.